Wednesday, December 2, 2009

countdown crazies... update

still losing it.

very grumpy.

trying not to be.

not closing on the 4th as planned.

possibly not even by the 8th, which is when we will have to renegotiate rates with the bank because our loan offer will expire.

he asked to postpone to the 28th.

lease on current apartment expires on 20th.

movers are scheduled at our end for the 15th.

mover on his end not yet scheduled.

he's currently frantically trying to get planning permission from the State for structures that he added to the house years ago... like the pool and deck, which the health department now says may have to be removed as they may be encroaching on the septic field.

it's all turning into what my husband would call a "shit-sandwich"

coolblueoceans... blue oceans... cool blue oceans, etc.

aside from the fact that the actual purchasing of new home and moving into new home is not going exactly as planned... i am trying to hold onto the fact that i'm very excited to live in this house. and one way or another, at some point in this month... we will be living in it.


  1. that is a lot....i'm hoping that it all works our for the better!

  2. in that case, you absolutely have to go for a run. Plug your ears into something beautiful, hit the trail and let your legs carry you away.

  3. @ Char - me too!!!

    it will, just... not quite on the schedule we had planned.

    @ me - but it's raining!!! :(
    and you're right.