Sunday, February 5, 2012

it's been a while....

what can i say?

i've been getting creative...

and doing some cooking....

running some races with friends


hiking with my girl

more races with friends, 
growing stuff

getting drunk

and got another dog... 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

if only it would rain!!!

the other day i was running with a friend at about 7:30 in the morning, and because it's been stinking hot and super high humidity for weeks now... it was not an entirely pleasant experience.  feet began to drag, conversation began to lag... and in a moment of quiet she just burst out in complaint "it's hotter than a crotch out here!!"

and it's still making me laugh.


i have six cantaloupes growing in my little garden... and two watermelons. i had three but one succumbed to blossom end rot. yes, i had to look that up too... turns out it is a calcium deficiency. so, my watermelon has osteoporosis, basically.


blossom end rot :-(

cantaloupe in hammock

Monday, July 4, 2011

and in other news...

happy 4th of July, people! for those of you who celebrate it at least...
and belated happy Canada Day, i was thinking of you...

we had wild and crazy thunder & lightning last night... the power flickered on and off a few times, we lit candles and filled jugs of water, and sat back and watched the sky light up. this morning we went out to find that the tent we had set up in the back yard a few nights ago is now quite soggy, inside and out... good to know before taking it out on an actual camping trip!! we were trying to get Maya used to the idea of sleeping in a tent... she's not keen.

and now, it's hot and steamy out there. Maya has gone back to bed after a little frisk about the back yard. Officially she's still on "limited activity" but every now and then we let her out in the yard for a pee and she gets all amped up...

our red-headed step-child is arriving tomorrow, and staying for a month... so we shall see how well the "limited activity" policy holds up once he's here. at least the vet had good things to say about how well she is healing at her last visit.. x-rays show that her bones are knitting faster than he had expected.

truth be told, i think she has been a little depressed these last few weeks. so hopefully some company will do her good!

my sweetheart is working today... he seems to always have the misfortune of working the holidays. but he has put in for a week off at the end of August in the hopes that we'll find some inexpensive flights and get to go see my family in Nova Scotia for a few days. yippee!

and since he's working, and it's too hot to do anything of consequence outside... today, i am cleaning the house. (or avoiding cleaning the house, depending on how you care to look at my progress thus far!!) i should also be going for a run, since i am in training again... (running Nike Marathon to help find a cure for blood cancers)  but you know how it is when it feels like a sauna outside... not very motivating.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

think good thoughts for my girl....

she had knee surgery earlier this week, and is feeling sore and restless....