Monday, November 30, 2009

i got the countdown crazies...

so, now that we're down to just a few days before we sign our lives away for a house... i find myself on a somewhat unexpected rollercoaster... vacillating between elation and panic, clapping hands and giggling giddily or overcome with cold sweats and overwhelming feelings of nausea.

on the up side, there's owning our own home. that's got to be a good thing, right? it's ours, we can do anything we want with it. not to mention anything we want in it... for example, the husband has grand visions of playing video games, surround sound cranked til the windows vibrate (which our current townhouse neighbours seriously frown upon).

on the down side, there's owning our own home. anything that goes wrong with it, we are responsible for... there's not calling the maintenance guy and then grousing about it for hours or days (or even weeks, as far as the current gaping hole in our ceiling is concerned) until the maintenance guy arrives and fixes it and we go on blithely about our daily lives. now there will be no guy... we'll be the guy that has to fix it. i'm anticipating steep learning curve...

on the up side, there been a whole lot of purging of crap going on while i've been packing for the move. not my crap, mind you... i purged that a year and a half ago when i moved to this country. no, this time i'm purging the husband's crap. like the stack of unopened credit card bills from 2005.... and the pile of military-issue desert boots, because any way you look at it, he's only got two feet to put 18 boots on. someone else can benefit from a few pair... it feels good to get rid of stuff. especially when you know that it makes room for the getting of new stuff.

out with the old toaster oven that has been collecting dust... in with the crock pot and panini maker!!

on the down side (here comes the panic), once we buy this house, we're stuck here for a while. possibly a long while.... (and here comes the nausea). i'm not sure i want to live here for a long while. i haven't lived in any one place for more than two years at a time since i left the rocky mountains ten years ago. i'm a nomad. i have no friends here. there's no winter here... and no mountains... and it gets hot and sticky and miserable in the summer... i get hot and sticky and miserable here in the summer.... gak!!!!!!!!!

(coolblueoceans, coolblueoceans, coolblueoceans, cool blue oceans, cool blue oceans..... cool... blue... oceans....)

okay, i'm alright now.
at least, i'm breathing again.

on the upside, we'll have a beautiful fenced back yard... perfect for pets and kids and putting in a garden. heaven! can't wait to grow herbs and veggies and flowers for cutting... can't wait to lounge by the pool (yes, pool!!) and listen to birds and bees and wind in the trees.

psst.... did i mention that we'll own our own home on Friday?


  1. Oh - it looks so cute and a pool can help with miserable summers. and look at the screened in porch!

    the serious makings of a summer barbeque party are all right there.

  2. yep, i think the pool and the porch are going to keep me sane next summer :)

  3. it looks wonderful. And it's yours, on Friday?

    We've been in our house very nearly two years. All the good intentions at the beginning have faded and the list of jobs to be done seems to grow longer and longer. And I don't care, because it's ours.

  4. The thing that sucks is that we can't give you a housewarming party!
    Congrats again.....and a POOL!!!