Sunday, November 22, 2009

time for a break from taking a break from blogging...

hard to believe it's been well over a month since i last visited this place... how neglectful of me!

i've been all caught up in "hunt for a home" fever. what a rollercoaster ride that is! excitement at the prospect of owning our own home, shock at seeing some of the disaster zones that looked really great on their online listing, anticipation when putting an offer on a home, crashing disappointment when finding out we were out-bid on the "house of our dreams" du jour...

frustration and fatigue over time.... there came a point where i just didn't ever want to look at another house again.

and then we found it. our house....

we sign the papers and receive the keys on the 4th of December.

it still seems a dream. it still feels as though something could happen and the deal could fall through and we could have to start all over again... but the inspections have been done, the bank has approved the loan, now we're just waiting on the seller to do some minor repairs and move out...

i'll post pics when we've got the keys in our hot little hands.


  1. yay!!! that is so very exciting

  2. A house? A home?

    That's such a great end to the year, start to the next.

  3. yes, i'm getting a house for Christmas....
    totally romantic, don't you think?

  4. Mrs. Megan the Homeowner. That's a wrestling name if I've ever heard one. Congrats to you both!

    xo B.

  5. thanks Wiggs!
    we'll have a pool in the backyard, to facilitate the wrestling...

  6. Yay! A house of your own! Good job, Mouse. I can't wait to see the pics! Take lots, and the yard too!
    xox Congrats!

  7. i will :)
    less than 2 weeks now!!

  8. congratulations! how super exciting! love love love

  9. luna! i was just browsing your yummy colours site yesterday, and wishing you posted recipes with your photos.

    how are you??