Saturday, December 12, 2009

day ten...


my husband had just come off night shift yesterday morning, and it always takes a couple nights for him to get back onto a "normal" sleep schedule. so he fell asleep at about 8pm last night, and then woke me up at 3am when he couldn't sleep and decided to watch a movie. beside me, in bed... with the light on.

don't ask.

needless to say, i was less than thrilled when my alarm went off at 6am to get me up for my early morning Team In Training run. my eyes did not want to open.

the funny thing is though, no matter how gnarly i might feel upon waking after a sleepless night, if he's in good humour i can't help but get to laughing within minutes.

this may be "too much information"... but, it's been a couple days since i shaved under my arms. so, i was stretching as part of my waking up process when he looked over and said out of the blue "gadzooks! she's got a couple hedgehogs in a headlock!"

i just about fell out of bed laughing.

he was crying he was laughing so hard.

and just like that, the tone for the day was set...

i think you know what i'm grateful for in this little story :)

ps... no hedgehogs were harmed during the telling of this story

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  1. LOL just the sort of thing a hubby would say!

    and you asked for the recipe?

    it's yummy and so easy