Tuesday, December 15, 2009

day thirteen...


oh boy... am i ever grateful that our move is largely being done for us (now that i unpacked all my boxes so the movers could repack them).

the packers came today... three of them, not particularly big, armed with nothing more than a stack of boxes, bags of paper and rolls of tape.... and they packed our entire 2 bedroom apartment (plus storage room full of tools and crap) in less than 3 hours.


anything that was not nailed down got packed in the blink of an eye. i was so busy telling the guy not to pack the clothes my husband needs to wear to work tomorrow that i missed the woman in the kitchen packing my toaster and kettle. thought we might need them for breakfast tomorrow... oh well, i'll hold the bread on a fork over the gas stove burner for a while... kind of like making toast over a campfire.

i don't know how much it costs to have other people move you... because i'm not actually paying for it, truth be told... but whatever it is, it's totally worth it.

they did it all but the refrigerator... and tomorrow, when the movers come... they'll load it all like magical moving fairies, flitting from room to room, waving their magic wands and poof... the piano that we had to use the winch on my husband's truck to load into the moving van two years ago will suddenly and effortlessly be located in their moving truck. those boxes of books... that heavy table...

i won't even break a sweat.


(not the no sweating, necessarily... but about all of it.)


  1. Moving sucks. I, too, am grateful you didn't have to bust your back or reserve of patience doing it. Think of the pre-pack and un-pack as an inventory taking exercise... Hope the second unpacking is more fun :)

  2. I had packers when we moved. They were angels, fairies and miracle workers all rolled into one big brawny package :o)