Monday, December 7, 2009

day five...


i baked more bread today, after reading my friend Marni's blog about channeling her Baba in order to make the perfect apple pie. my Nan was a wonderful cook, and an amazing baker. although i had opportunities to learn from her during our infrequent visits, i was never really that motivated to learn. i don't know why. resisting the stereotype about all the things girls are supposed to know, i suppose.

she taught me to crochet at one point, although i don't remember exactly how to do it now... but i think i could pick it up again with a quick refresher from someone who does know what they're doing. i have 7/8th of a crocheted hat that i started maybe six years ago (with Nan's help), and found when i was packing to move here last year. i brought it with me thinking i might pick it up again. and i have. several times. i just don't quite know what to do with it when it's in my hands.

Nan tried to teach me to sew at one point too, when i was much younger. that didn't stick either.... and now i wish that it had.

anyway... back to baking bread.

even though my bread is nothing like the master pieces my Nan used to make, it is still pretty tasty. and it smells great.

and i am grateful, as i walk about the house inhaling deeply, that baking and knitting and Abba and Oklahoma (the musical) and gardening all remind me of my grandmother.


  1. love it love it love it

  2. oh the smell of baking bread - that is a wonderful thing. i'm glad she could pass on these things to you....even if you pick them back up much later.