Sunday, December 6, 2009

day three..


okay, so yesterday kind of got away from me because it was really busy....

here is what i was grateful for yesterday:

~ first snowfall of the year!!! big fat fluffy flakes that clung to the branches and turned our area into a winter wonderland.
~ great turn out for Team In Training Spring Season Kick-Off breakfast... and it looks like my group is going to be a fun bunch of people

~ meeting some really lovely people at my sweetheart's staff Christmas party... not only because they are nice people, but because they are big time mountain bikers and snowboarders and active people who are looking for new people to get out there with them :) maybe we have some new friends?? and i'm always grateful for friends.

~ a safe return home on the terribly icy accident-strewn roads last night. some of those accidents involved people who will now never make it home, and i'm so grateful we weren't among them.


  1. Meggies - what a difference a day can make. Glad you had fun and met some awesome folks at the pahtay :)

    Isn't snow great? Wasn't sure how much of it you'd get there... I went for skate ski #1 yesterday, smiled so much my teeth hurt from the cold. Winter ain't so bad after all.

  2. sadly, it's almost all gone now...
    but it was beautiful while it was here.
    and i'm looking forward to more of it :)