Thursday, December 31, 2009

day seventeen...


i woke up luxuriously late this morning, which rarely happens in general, and has not happened since moving to the new house. the window in our bedroom face the south east, which means that our room is lovely and bright from the moment the sun peeks over the horizon.

i don't mind this. in fact, i quite like it. however, yesterday we purchased heavy curtains so that on the days when my husband has just come off night shift... he'll be able to sleep.

they work like a charm, let me tell you.

between the darkness of the room... and discovering that my husband has had stashed away for the past two years a lovely down duvet, which i promptly purchased a cover for and now have floating over my bed light as a dream... i had a wonderfully warm, dark and restful sleep.

for which i am deeply grateful.


  1. oh, you make me want to wrap up in downy feathers now. i wonder if i want that instead of a new coffeemaker for my christmas to myself.

  2. I have my wonderful winter duvet on the bed now, although really it's just a little too warm *grin*

  3. our power was out for a few hours this afternoon, due to high winds... and our heat is electric.

    let me tell you, curling up with a book in a sunny window, under my down duvet, was absolute bliss!