Wednesday, December 9, 2009

day seven...


it's late and i'm really sleepy, but it's still almost today and not tomorrow.... and i wanted to post before i close my eyes.

it was a good day today... met up with a friend to do some cooking... stopped by the garden center, and even though the person i wanted most to see wasn't there, it was really nice to talk to a couple of my former colleagues... bought gifts to send my nephews, hopefully in time for Christmas, legos and dinosaurs for the oldest, bouncy unbreakable snow globes and a robot for the youngest.... i like how they're each into their own thing at the moment.

posted a stack of Christmas cards, so this year, they might actually arrive before Christmas, rather than getting written two days before and arrive in January. the envelopes looked so pretty with our new address on the upper left hand corner :)

i'm grateful for being busy.

good night.


  1. busy makes for happy times for me too - i like the busy without the stress.

    i'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of the christmas cards i ordered. i'm wondering if i should print up some that i made last year?

    i hope you have a beautiful day.

  2. today is a beautiful day... the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and we're getting closer and closer to move in day!

    i only worried about getting them out early because most of mine are destined for out of the country... you still have some time if they're not going too far ;)

    although, i'm certain that people would be delighted to get cards that you made yourself!