Thursday, December 3, 2009


so, i've been all caught up in the goings on of my own life, and have not made time to keep up with friends. while i'm waiting on the plumbers who are supposed to be fixing the pipes in my ceiling so that the dry waller can come and plug the hole... i thought i would do a little blog reading. and in doing so, i caught up with my friend Char.

she just recently completed a "month of gratitude" project on her blog, and i'm taking inspiration from it. given that i've been working really hard over the last few days at not dwelling on the things that make me feel angry and frustrated... taking time to find things i am truly grateful for at the moment seems like a good idea.

this shall be the inaugural blog in my 30 days of gratitude series. buckle your seat belts, people!

~ ~ ~


at this very moment i can think of an abundance of things for which i am grateful. and i wonder if i should just blurt them all out right now, or should i hoard them so that i don't run out before my 30 days are up? i'm in favour of blurting, to be honest... in part because i'm like that. and in part because i think the "exercise" part of this exercise in gratitude may be in the rooting through the goings on of the day, and finding something to be grateful for...

today, i am grateful about the following things:

~ the sun is shining, the sky is bright blue, and it feels like spring... even though winter has not yet arrived.

~ a few of my dearest friends have been checking in recently, propping me up with love and laughter just when i really needed it. thanks girls.

~ my husband's determination to remain positive and optimistic about this journey into home-ownership. when my head was about to blow off, he reminded me that in the end it just means that every possible thing that could go wrong already has and is being mitigated, and once
it's all over we'll be moving into a house that has NOTHING wrong with it.

~ finding treasures in unexpected places... we went to have a print framed, and the owner of the framing shop showed us some prints that had just landed in her dumpster. literally... the owner of the prints had lost her house, and some of her church members were helping her to clear out her "old junk" and asked if they could dump some stuff in the dumpster belonging to the framing shop. the owner of the framing shop said sure... and then almost had heart failure when she realised that what they were dumping was art. so she rescued all the prints she could find, contacted the owner and offered to sell them for her. now we've got a very fair price for some really funky pieces that are going to look great in our new home... she's made a small profit for her efforts, and the previous owner will also get some much needed income. (the photo doesn't really do the image justice... and i didn't get a picture of my absolute favourite piece... i'll show you that one later)

~ i have a lovely new bar of Vosges Red Fire dark chocolate sitting on the coffee table, just waiting to be broken into...


  1. first, i'm touched i inspired you. thank you. that made some of the suffering on some days that i didn't feel like writing worth while.

    love your gratitude, and yes - the sun shining is perfection, isn't it? the new print will look gorgeous in the new home. vibrant and warm - just like you.

  2. oh Char... you ARE an inspiration.