Tuesday, December 15, 2009

day twelve...


i have no idea what day it is any more!! i think we're in Tuesday now, which means that once again... i did not post my gratitude yesterday. i'm pretty bad at the posting part, but getting better at the gratitude... which is the important bit anyway, right?

i spent a good portion of the afternoon yesterday gathering together all of the things that we are not taking with us when we move... things that we have either not used in the two years in this apartment, or things that we have used... but that the new house already comes with.

i lugged a television that weighs almost as much as me (possibly a slight exaggeration), a toaster oven, a microwave that i had just finished heating my lunch up in (and carefully wiped out, of course), a paper shredder, some cushions, some clothes, some mismatched dishes.... and dropped them off at the Salvation Army.

i hope they make someone else's life easier...

i'm grateful for the abundance we have in our lives.

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  1. beautiful!!! i know that someone will very grateful to thrift these too. i cut back so much when i moved this time.