Monday, January 11, 2010

day twenty - seven


i'm still a snot-factory (as my six year old nephew would say)... and feeling rather miserable.

but the sun was shining all afternoon, and i was watching the birds come and go from the yard. i think i'm going to have to find myself a "birds of Virginia" book of some sort so that i can tell what i'm looking at.

my sweetheart dragged me out of the house yesterday, ostensibly to get some air.... and whilst visiting the hardware store (!!! so glad i got out of bed for a visit to the hardware store!) we picked out some rather lovely sounding wind chimes. they're hanging out in the yard, just waiting for the wind to pick up. i'm going to enjoy listening to them... just hope they don't annoy the hell out of the neighbours.

so, the sun was shining and there were birds, and the potential for wind chimes.... and it was a good day, in spite of the abundance of snot in my head.


  1. Wind chimes trump snot anyday. Feel better 2.

  2. i just walked down to get the mail, and on my way back the wind picked up... and i could hear the chimes as made my way home.


  3. hope you feel better soon. i've never liked windchimes before, but my brother has some and i've come to welcome the sweet sound. hope yours sound just as sweet to welcome you home.

  4. i can imagine that in a good wind storm, they might create a racket.
    but in general, ours have a rather deep and peaceful sound to them.