Thursday, January 7, 2010

day twenty- four...


i rescued some enormous orchids from the Asian grocery store.... they were crowded together on a shelf, far from any natural light... tightly wound up in plastic sleeves, under a sign that said 50% off.

i know that stress can cause any plant to flower profusely... it's kind of a last ditch effort to produce offspring before their system fails, so to speak.

and these are flowering very profusely.

so i bought the two healthiest looking ones, and brought them home to see if a little TLC might pull them back from the brink.

the tips of the leaves were turning black... supposedly a sign that the soil has become too saline. so i flushed the pots thoroughly in fresh water. i cleaned off all the dead bits, and rinsed the leaves free of dust and residue.

they now look clean and fresh, and hopeful somehow.

i am hopeful.

and even if they don't survive... i think it would cost almost as much to simply purchase the same abundance of orchid flowers in a flower shop. so i will enjoy them while they last, and be grateful for their last hurrah.


  1. Megan... Orchid Rescue Services. This job might have legs.

  2. if these particular individuals thrive, i shall consider it my calling...


  3. you're their hero - interestingly i heard on the radio yesterday that orchids like a range of temperatures to thrive if that helps. at night put them in a colder room and move them to warm during the day.

    they're beautiful - i hope they survive.

  4. we drop the heat substantially at night anyway, so i'm please to hear they're going to like that rather than die from the shock of it!

    might be a little tougher in the summer when the temperature choices will be hot and hotter...

    it seems the orchids and i have something in common... we do best in temperatures below 70 degrees ;)