Sunday, January 17, 2010

day twenty-nine


where HAVE i been?? as i said a few weeks ago... i'm not very good at this "blogging everyday" thing, but i've gotten much better about the "gratitude every day" part and really, that's the important bit.

so, lets see....

Friday i was feeling quite a lot better, and even took my bike out for a short ride.... the sun was shining and it felt like spring.

Saturday i got up early and went to meet the Team for a run... it was still cool, but much warmer than the last few weeks, and it was so nice to run and not be cold. heck, it was nice to run and not be totally snotty too!! was scheduled to run 8 miles, but had hardly moved all week.... so i was pretty happy with the fact that i managed 7...

then, went to see Avatar with my sweetheart and a couple friends in the afternoon. i don't know that i would rave about it the way some people i know are raving about it.... but i did enjoy it. i thought the special effects were fantastic, and the planet that they created was beautiful. but the storyline kind of reminded me of Ferngully.... look at what we are destroying, look at how all life is interconnected, the story of the "noble savage" who understands all this better than we greedy civilized folk.... not that i disagree in principle with the message, it just isn't anything particularly new.

then dinner with the same friends, home late, and a long sleep in this morning...

and i'm grateful for all of it....


  1. I think your review goes hand-in-hand with the others I've heard. Beautiful but not much substance to the story line that we haven't heard before.

    glad you're feeling better.