Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day twenty-eight


okay... so i kind of fell of the map for a couple of days. but they were rather unremarkable days of feeling sick... so it kind of would have been just a repeated mantra of "i'm grateful for orange juice and vitamin c..."

today was a much better sort of day... one with much more energy, and far less achey head and runny nose. one of sunshine and juice freshly made with our new juicer. one of sitting in a warm window and watching the birds that have suddenly and truly discovered our feeder (we even had woodpeckers! i didn't know woodpeckers had a fondness for seeds, but there you go...)

it was a day complete with yummy meals, and finally an appetite...
it was a day off for my sweetheart so we puttered about the house together.

and i'm just feeling better.

and i'm grateful.


  1. welcome back to the land of the living - sweet little nuthatch there.