Sunday, January 17, 2010

day thirty....


it was a rainy old day here... but soft. just enough to make the grass slippery. just enough that i had a hard time seeing through my glasses when i went out to get the mail. just enough that the birds were going nuts in the yard. a flame red cardinal.. sweet little grey things that i don't know what they are... a flashy blue jay...

so it was a good day to putter about. i cleaned some things. i cooked some things. i played plant doctor and did a little orchid surgery....

and when my sweetheart woke up we worked out together with our new dvd's that are so far totally kicking my butt. his butt too.... we're both hurting. but, in a good way.

and now, he's gone to work... i'm going to tidy up the kitchen and stretch out in front of a movie.

even though it was just a puttering about the house kind of day... it was a good one :)

and there ends 30 days of gratitude.... spread out over a month and a half because i had no internet for a while, and because i missed a few days here and there....

i might make it a long month... 31 days, just for a treat.

1 comment:

  1. i loved your gratitude series - beautiful.

    hope the rest of your day was wonderful too