Saturday, January 3, 2009

life in the fast lane

five lanes of dense traffic flying about at high speeds makes me tense. at least, it does when i'm driving. watching a big transport truck rear-end a little honda civic also makes me feel a little anxious when i see one on my rear bumper... people here drive way too close together for the speeds they go. i was doing 70 miles per hour -- which is over the speed limit, i might add-- and pretty near everyone was whipping by me.

wouldn't want to be rollerblading along these highways, like i did in Jasper.


i'm very happy to be home, tucked into my own bed with my sweetheart laying next to me... as much as i enjoy my time with the in-laws, it is a little exhausting.


  1. Whipping down Cannaught at 3 a.m...sigh. Don't you wish were 22 again...sometimes?

  2. i don't know about wanting to be 22 again... but i'd certainly like to be back in Jasper again some times. as long as you were there too.