Wednesday, January 21, 2009

a few observations of late...

it snowed in NJ on Saturday night. this made for a beautiful run on Sunday morning... the trees all lacy white and sparkling in the sun, the scrunch scrunch of the snow underfoot, the happy scarlet cardinals flitting from branch to branch.

not so lovely... the large and muddy trucks, perched high above their own wheels, roaring up and down the roads (such that their hand done camouflage paint jobs were rendered ineffective... there would be no sneaking up on anything in those babies!)


i watched the inauguration of Barak Obama stretched out on my mother-in-law's bed... she called me into her room at about 11am, interrupting my attempt to rescue her desiccated houseplants. so we watched together, commenting on this and that, remarking about the crowds and the good weather, and how sweet the Obama kids look....

she reached over and held my hand... and fell asleep before he finished his speech.


my husband has inherited his parents' tendency to accumulate "stuff." their house is full of clutter and bits and pieces and boxes and bursting closets... it annoys him when he goes there, all that stuff that they will never use.

each time we come home he looks around our place, sighs, and says something along the lines of "i'm just like them..." and he does his best to thin out his stuff.

i've come to realise that i too am a stuff hoarder. i had to get rid of a lot of stuff when i was packing up my life to move here. but i still have stuff.

i'm just better at putting it away (aka hiding it) than he is.


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