Sunday, August 30, 2009


so, after five days of nursing a painfully stiff and sore neck, i went to see the doctor today. aside from the fact that it really hurt and made simple things like tilting my head back to drink from a glass or checking my blindspot while changing lanes on the freeway really difficult.... i wasn't really worried.

until i got to the hospital and they started doing tests for meningitis.

then i got worried. i've lost loved ones (okay, just one) to meningitis. i don't want to lose me to meningitis....

fortunately, after two very anxious hours, it turns out that i don't have meningitis after all... i have torticollis.

torti-what? i say.... and the doc says "sign here for your narcotics" and sends me home.

so here i lay, on the couch... with heating pad under my sore head... waiting for 10:00 to roll around so i can pick my husband up from work... and then drift off into a stupor of painkillers and muscle relaxants...


(can't wait!!!!)


  1. oh no, what does that mean? does it get better?

  2. it's a severe muscle spasm in my neck... the doc explained it like this... there's a muscle spasm causing pain, which causes the body to tense up, which stimulates the spasm, which causes more pain.... and so on.

    so, i have pills to stop the pain and pills to relax the muscle, to break the cycle of spasm.

    and in four more hours i can take some :)
    (can't pick my husband up from work if i take them now as i'd be well and truly driving under the influence...)

  3. Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun. Hope you feel better once you get those pharms into you! Take care and don't move too fast ... : )