Tuesday, September 8, 2009

can it really be a whole year already?

it was our one year wedding anniversary on Saturday.

hard to believe that a whole year has gone by so fast.

it's been a big year. lots of life lessons, lots of learning about ourselves and each other, lots of growth, and lots of love...

we had a very romantic dinner wherein i drank way too much wine (because he was driving), followed by a very romantic stroll about Old Town Alexandria...

i'd like to say it was followed by some romantic snuggling once we got home, but i had drank too much and he was knackered having come off night shift and not getting much sleep... so it was followed by some serious snoozing...

and that was followed by some romantic snuggling in the morning :)


  1. yay for morning snuggles too

    congratulations!! I hope every year gets better and better

  2. Congrats, Mouse and Francisco. Many, many more years of happy morning snuggling to you both!