Monday, September 28, 2009

today i'm grateful for...

~ lengthy telephone calls with old friends

~ the sight of falling leaves, heralding the imminent arrival of autumn (even if it still feels like summer out there)

~ the arrival of my custom made-to-fit-my-unusual-engagement-ring wedding band, direct from Nova Scotia's south shore... from the studio of Allyson Simmie

~ fresh pomegranates

~ my husband's excitement at the prospect of buying a house... which i find rather overwhelming (buying a house, not my husband's excitement)

~ sunlit afternoons in the ball park with friends (too bad the Nats lost... again)

~ just barely making the deferral deadline for Marine Corps Marathon (which I will now run next year, due to recent injury)

~ supportive teammates



  1. sorry you're injured!!! hope it's better soon.

    and oh, I have to see the ring!!! :)

  2. The word verification for my last post was "snelli". Love it.

  3. @ char... am going to have the engagement ring cleaned, and then will post photos :)

    injury is not major, it will just require time at rest... and physio.
    and after that rest, i won't be able to make up the lost training time for the marathon... but, i will run Marine Corps on my own next year, and will transfer myself to a different race with Team In Training.. since i've already done all the fundraising

    @ Wiggs... so, when i have a house, you're going to come visit, right?? no more of this nonsense about going to Utah to win awards and shit (i'm so proud of you, by the way!)... you need to come here and booze it up with me

  4. ps... check out the link to Marn's new photoblog called "Space Baba"
    (left hand column, under the picture of me... and below the link to your website)