Friday, August 28, 2009

celebrating the fact...

today i am celebrating.

nothing major. nothing terribly exciting. but if it comes down to it and i decide to find things to celebrate in my life... there are certainly things to be celebrated.

so here goes:

i am celebrating the fact that i'm wearing long pants today. you may find this a strange thing to celebrate, but given the fact that i have spent most of the last three weeks wearing as little as i can possible get away with in public situations, and still felt cranky and miserable (and melty!) in the heat... being comfortable in cargo pants and a t-shirt is cause for celebration.

i'm celebrating the fact that my sweetheart is happy in his new job. not just okay with it. not just counting the days til his weekend. not just enjoying the change after 20 years in his last job.... he's happy. he looks forward to going back after his days off.

i'm celebrating the fact that i have inherited a shitload more yarn (working on your scarf, Wiggs!)... this time from my grandmother, who is no longer around to use it. i might find it hard to give away the items i make from it, but for the moment there's enough here for me to make a pile on the floor and roll around in it. i'm not sure my grandmother would approve, but i'm sure she would appreciate the pleasure it gives me to feel so close to her when i'm surrounded by her things.

i'm celebrating the fact that i am blessed with lovely people in my life... great friends and family that i love, and that love me.... even if they are scattered about the planet.

i'm celebrating the fact that i'm going to find a great job. someday.
and just like waiting for the great guy, it will be worth the wait in the end.

i'm celebrating the fact that i have almost completed fundraising for my upcoming marathon... and i'm celebrating the fact that i am capable of running it. (sixteen mile training run tomorrow morning, folks!)

i'm celebrating the fact that my coffee turned out just right, my toast is crispy and fragrant, and i have the time to relax and enjoy them.


  1. you and me both about the job thing. I love that you're enjoying the yarn. i say make the biggest lap rug ever with it and continue to wrap yourself up in the love.

  2. I'm celebrating that I too have friends scattered around the planet who care, who help and you are smiling ;)