Friday, August 21, 2009

today's a crying sort of day...

today is one of those days were it seems pretty much everything is destined to set me off...

walk out the front door and it is 80 degrees and so humid that it feels like i just stepped into a steamy sauna... and i'm so overwhelmed and depressed by the heat that i cry (and put off my morning run).

no matter how i bend or twist the power cord for my laptop, it's just not going to light up for me... so i curse in frustration and then i cry.

husband is thrown off when i ask if i can have the truck for the day, five minutes before he's scheduled to leave for work, and he gets a little snappy... and i tear up a little.

husband brings my hand to his lips by way of apology in the truck a few minutes later, and i cry.

new power cord costs twice the upper limit of what i had imagined it might cost to replace the old one... and although i don't cry, i do feel just a little deflated.

letter from the tax-man waiting for me when i get home... seems they've adjusted my claim for me, and i now owe them some money.... more cursing and tears.

fortunately, netflix has delivered so i settle down on the couch for a soothing afternoon of movie watching (procrastinating on the daily job searching)... but wouldn't you know it, the movie was really sad... like, i need to find a box of kleenex sad.

so, to cheer myself up, i went online to look for jobs for a while. i'm once again facing the dilemna of not really knowing how to market myself, inspite of having recently finished my degree... at the moment i'm applying for anything that looks even remotely interesting... no matter what field. sadly, there was nothing inspirational to be found this afternoon. (gloom, gloom, gloom)

gave up on job hunting and read some blogs (insert a few tears here)

dinner time, husband is working weird shifts and isn't home so i'm free to cook whatever i feel like eating... we had fresh corn handy, so i cooked up a couple ears and made a big salad. i'm trying to lose some of the weight i gained over the five weeks of all-day-classes and parties that made up my Canadian vacation.... so instead of eating sweet delicious corn smothered in butter, which is how i like it, i find myself standing over the sink eating sweet boring naked corn and thinking that life just sucks... and crying.

fucking pms.


  1. So true -- and so funny. Don't you just love days like that?

  2. Would it help if I cried with you?

  3. oh dear....I know this kinda day, except for having a totally sweet apology.


  4. @ Lyn... i love it when i can get to the point where i see the humour in it.

    @ Mobius... EVERYTHING is better together.
    ps. i've missed you!

    @ Char... he is rather sweet :)
    hugs to you too

  5. "once again facing the dilemna of not really knowing how to market myself, inspite of having recently finished my degree..."

    I know exactly how you feel... I just completed a masters... and finding it tough to keep inspired about the job hunt! but it will happen... I hope :)

    Good luck!!