Monday, May 4, 2009

il pleut

so, after grousing about how stinking hot it was... we've had days and days of rain.

my skin is loving it.

my hair is curly and soft.

i weigh almost twice as much at the end of the day as i do when i leave home in the morning... what with the added water and mud.


as i was squelching my way around the garden centre this afternoon, wondering if it were possible to get any wetter, and wondering what i could do to make 5:00 come sooner so i could go home and warm up in a hot bath (which somehow i imagine feels dryer than the slow drip of the rain), and generally feeling kind of sorry for myself.... i caught myself, and deliberately took time to think about things that i was enjoying...

the birds for example... they have been singing their hearts out lately. non-stop serenading from morning to evening. they either love this rain, or their cussing sounds like music to my ears...

and the richness of the colours... the brilliant greens of new growth on the trees and shrubs, the vibrant blossoms and flitting birds...

and did i mention how much my skin is enjoying all this moisture? my fingers were little pink raisins by the end of the day, but... now that i'm showered and warm and fed and drowsy, my skin feels wonderfully hydrated and soft.


it's going to rain again tomorrow, but i don't mind....

it's my day off.


  1. lovely - I needed some beauty tonight, thank you.

  2. Char, your blog is perpetually full of beauty... but if you needed a little more, i'm glad you found some here.