Saturday, May 9, 2009

pretty, pretty, pretty...

drifts of fluffy white, smokey purple-grey, wispy rust orange threads, black-orange-red bobbly chaos, soft fuchsia, brilliant turquoise, bubblegum pink...

when i look out my window this is what i see. this is how i spent my afternoon... unraveling musty balls of yarn, found in my mother-in-law's attic and rescued on my behalf from the 25 cent bin at his father's yard sale by my husband.

my laundry rack now stands outside in the sunshine, neatly festooned with carefully unraveled and even more carefully strung and tied yarn... wool, mohair, silk, acrylic, cotton... you name it, i now have it, airing out in the hot Virginia sun.

not enough of any one colour to make a single large item... no sweaters, for example... but plenty for scarves and hats, socks or mittens too if i'm feeling adventurous this fall.

and even though it is hot, i'm looking forward to getting creative with it... come autumn, when it starts to cool down and the idea of putting on a scarf isn't enough to make one expire from the heat of it all.


  1. I want one of whatever small item you venture to make. please.

  2. of course, Wiggs! i made note of your scarf demands from an earlier blog... but i figured you might not mind if i planned to finish it in time to send it to you when you might need it, say... September? how does that sound??

  3. love that you rescued the yard, so much treasure there.

  4. It sounds blissful. I wish I had your talent and patience...

  5. I shall start stalking the postie around that time...