Sunday, April 12, 2009

things that brighten my Sunday morning...

~ sunlight and cool air streaming in the windows

~ not having to choose between banana pancakes or blueberry pancakes. why choose when i can make both?! every bite is a new flavour combination... this one heavy sweet... that one bright bursting tangy... this one surprisingly plain (wot?! no fruit??) yet still satisfying... finally berry and banana both, sweet-tart.

am now wondering why it is that when food doesn't come out of a box we say that it is made from scratch. why does home made food have to sound so....... itchy?

~ dorky 3d glasses, encounters with new old friends, wandering the city street in simple conversation

~ visions of fireworks bursting into the night continue to dance in my mind's eye... the small white glow of the capital building off in the distance across the water... coloured shards exploding across the dark canvas of the night sky... the rumble and crack in the air, vibrating in the chest and stirring the heart.

~ making plans to see friends from Canada and France over the coming week

~ feeling connected

1 comment:

  1. sounds like a wonderful day - I'll have the blueberry pancakes please. yum