Tuesday, April 21, 2009

isn't life just action packed?

got a job today... it won't challenge my brain or use my education in any way.
but i'll be working outside, i'll be working with plants, i'll be working this week... all good reasons to celebrate!


after contacting my university a few weeks ago, i finally got notice that they have approved my request to withdraw from my thesis and go on to do one more credit of course work to complete my degree. not only that, but they made my withdrawal retro-active... so not only i will not have a bad grade on my transcript, but i'll get most of the money back that i paid in tuition... which will just about cover the cost of the course i'm going to take in July.

the course i'm taking in July is a super-condensed course... 2 weeks, 9am to 4pm... and once i'm done, i'm done. degree completed.



spent last weekend in New York visiting old friends... it was my first trip to New York, and it was a little overwhelming. five minutes off the bus and i was struggling to control my desire to punch someone. i don't have a violent bone in my body normally, and i've never experienced "pedestrian rage"... but, turns out there is a first time for everything!

clearly, i'm not made for crowds.

spent two days walking all over Manhattan... apparently it was the first hot weekend of the year, and people were out in full force... stroller traffic jams in Central Park. had to laugh at the ladies out taking their stilletos for a stroll through the park.

really though, i was there for the time with friends... and it was great.


we've got a thunderstorm coming in... the air is electric.

i love it.

putting my shoes on to go out for a run.


  1. I've heard NYC can be overwhelming the first time for sure. But I long to go there. We just had a short storm - now the air is crisp and clean and the evening sun is golden.

  2. You got a job!!! You're going to be done school!! You had a desire to punch someone!! I'm SO proud of you. AND, I love you. Life IS action packed, Meggles!

  3. @ Char - it was overwhelming, but i'll go back :-)

    @ BW - oh Wiggs, you're proud of me 'cos i wanted to punch someone. living in the US is a bad influence...

  4. Running in the rain, in the storm? How fantastic :o)