Friday, April 10, 2009


the loose ends of my "paying it forward" venture are all tied up. i mailed a bright card glowing with a profusion of hot pink gerbera daisies to Solaris, i brown-paper-packaged (sans strings) the scarf i had knitted and posted it to Mandy (after silencing some small murmurings of fear in my heart... what if she doesn't like it?!), and posted the recipes for all the things i would have sent to Soccer Milf if only we didn't have to worry about the border guards deciding to have themselves a tea party.

i'm kind of sad it's done now. i was delighted, however, to see my pay it forward adventures moving in both directions, forward and back... for Char left me a note to say she'd be trying one of my recipes. so perhaps i too will find myself months along the road reading blog posts for friends as yet unknown and discover that they were inspired to pay it forward by someone who received a treasure from Soccer Milf or Mandy or Solaris.


i feel as though i'm at the end of a lot of things, and am having a hard time finding focus.

caring for my dying mother-in-law - check.
training for and running a marathon - check.
fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - check.
filing all appropriate and tedious immigration paperwork - check.

all of these things have come to an abrupt end, and all within a couple weeks of each other.

now what?


now i need to focus on finding a job. preferably one that is motivating and stimulating and interesting... but at this point, i would be happy with pretty much anything that starts on Monday.


i also need to focus on finishing my Master's degree, which has been needlessly hanging over me like a dark cloud rather than dangling in front of me like the enticing tidbit it should be... well it is enticing, in truth... i've just not been in the mood to be enticed by it. so i need to focus, and get it done.


i have a new running goal to work toward... Marine Corps Marathon in October. my goal this time is not simply to finish, but to cut back on my running time.

all of these goals are achievable. i just need to focus.


  1. all are friend Mel is training for a triatlalon. (however you spell that)

  2. i'd like to do a triathlon... except i'm terrible at swimming.

    how 'bout you, Char... want to go for a little run with me?

  3. Mel was terrible at swimming too - but she's been training a lot. I need to run...but I'm horrible at it. And I get shin splints.

  4. Hi Meggy Mouse!! Nice Digs!!

  5. @ Char... maybe you just need to walk or cycle then? skip the running.

    @ Lori... Hello! and welcome to my new-ish digs :-)

  6. Amazingly,I find that when I share my goals out loud, just like you've done here, they suddenly seem less impossible.