Thursday, February 12, 2009

this hungry heart will not subside

... soon as you start to make room for the parts that aren't you it gets harder to bloom ...

i wasn't a fan until last night. i mean, i liked the couple songs that i had heard played on the radio, but not enough that i would go out of my way to buy an album or plan to get tickets to see her show. but my friend Sarah asked us to go with her, and we'd been talking about how we needed to get out of the house and "do stuff" more often. so, we said would, and then completely forgot about it until Sarah called yesterday afternoon to set up a time to meet at the club last night.

the concert was in a funky little club called the birchmere, which you would never stumble across by accident unless you lived in the neighbourhood. the set up isn't ideal for actually seeing the performance, but it is a very intimate venue... and ideal for an acoustic concert.

so i didn't see much... but her voice ripped out powerful and beautiful. her humour was... shockingly rude... not what you'd expect from this sweet looking young woman. at least, i'm sure it was shocking for the mother of two little girls who were sitting a couple tables over from us. the band plays well together, laughs well together, makes music well together... and as i listened to her lyrics for the first time ever, i realised i really do like her stuff.

i like Sara Bareilles... there, i've said it.

we bought her album after the concert, and i'm listening to it as i type. it's good. but not as good as her live show. so, if you're sitting on the fence over whether or not to go out to see her perform... do it, because she's better in person.

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