Friday, February 13, 2009

that Romeo stuff

when i was a kid and my dad would tease me about boyfriends i shut him up by telling him i was too young for that Romeo stuff...

now i like the Romeo stuff.

so... for the third year in a row, my sweetheart and i will not be spending Valentine's day together... and for the third year in a row, i'm kind of sad about that.

do we need a special day to celebrate our love? no...
do we need to spend pots of money on flowers or chocolates or lingerie or fancy dinners to prove we love each other? no...

but there's just something about being able to take part in the global annual celebration of love... after many years of not having a love to celebrate, there's that little part of me that longs to get in there and revel in the fact that i am finally part of the love club, that i have joined the world of the loved.

(not that i was unloved before... but you get what i mean)

my husband didn't realise until Wednesday that Valentine's day was this coming weekend. he posted a few items for sale on Craig's List... and when he told the guy that wants to come by on Saturday to buy the kayak that he wasn't going to be here, but that i would... the guy wrote back to say he'd get in touch with me, and ps.. did he know that Saturday was Valentine's day???

(fortunately for me, he can't forget my birthday 'cos it's the day after his...)

he told me last night that he was sorry we weren't going to be together on Valentine's day... so we agreed that we would have a lovely romantic dinner together one night next week. and when i walked him out to the truck as he was leaving this evening, he held me extra close and kissed me extra long and called me his Valentine.

and so, in spite of the fact that once again we won't be celebrating our love together on the 14th... i feel like in talking about it we've been celebrating it for the past three days. i've been basking in the glow of love.

and i like it.

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