Tuesday, December 30, 2008

choice moments with my mother-in-law

My mother-in-law informed me today that I need to learn Spanish so I can speak to her sisters in Colombia. She told me she would help me to learn.

In her next breath she told me that when God is ready to take her, she is ready to go... she used to want to go in her sleep, but now she thinks any time and any way would be fine.

Then she shared her favourite recipe for ceviche... I'm not sure if that was a hint to make her some, or the beginning of my Spanish lessons.

I wonder where the conversation's going to go tomorrow...


  1. I've noticed of late that my parents are pressing on passing along traditions and stories to my kids. Does everyone feel that clock somehow, and realize that they have to pass the ceviche along before they go?

  2. Megan's got a blog!!! Yay! I'll be by to stalk you daily, my friend.

    love, B.

  3. Wiggs!! please stalk me! i would just about give my left arm to sit on your couch and watch cheesy french tv all day... and i would totally give my left arm to do a few runs down Tranquilizer with you.


  4. F.. do you think your parents are feeling their mortality? or are they realising they overlooked the passing on of traditions to you?!

    i'm all in favour of receiving the family ceviche recipe (i've eaten it every day for the last four days)... but it takes a little getting used to, having my husband's family passing on traditions to me.