Friday, December 31, 2010

calling my heart's desires for 2011

in spite of a few beautiful memories, this has been a tough year. and so, i don't think i'll be sorry to see you go, 2010...

several times over the last few weeks people and books and movies have suggested/reinforced the idea that one has to put ones' hopes and goals out into the universe in order to attract what one wishes to have manifest in the coming year... in life in general, really.

and so, here's my little wish list for 2011... call it my "to do" list, my "bucket list" for 2011... call it "dream a little dream"... call it what you will, these are things that i hope will come into my life this year:

  • a job. preferably one that is soul satisfying, but i'm not too fussy at this point.
  • a car. doesn't have to be new and shiny, i'm just longing for greater mobility in my life... 
  • a little self-acceptance. i haven't been feeling overly thrilled with myself this year. i need to work on that.
  • babies. okay, so... this doesn't have to happen in 2011 exactly. but in this life time would be great. preferably while i'm still young and healthy enough to enjoy them. also, doesn't have to be plural all at once.

that's it. short and sweet...


  1. I hope for all of these things for you, Meggles. I'm going to be a less shitty friend to you in 2011, m'kay? I've been focused on my own belly button far to much in 2010. Let's kick 2010 in the nards and welcome 2011 with open arms.

    xoxoxo B.

  2. hear, hear!!

    love you so much, Wiggs...

  3. oh yes, i'll be ready to usher 2010 right out the door. it's been a very mixed bag of tricks.

    i hope all of your dreams come true.

    sorry i couldn't get free in dc - that was the week my whole work world was crashing and most of it was spent crying over what was to become of us. for now it's settled down.

  4. another time, Char...

    and, i hope your dreams for 2011 take flight as well.