Thursday, November 25, 2010


it's Thanksgiving here in the U. S. of A. and i've got a lot to be thankful for... and so, a list (in no particular order)...

  • i am thankful that i got to spend Canadian Thanksgiving in Canada with my family last month
  • i am thankful that we'll have friends to share in our Thanksgiving feast here
  • i am thankful that my Grandad's cancer treatments are going well
  • i am thankful that the on-going saga of screw-ups by the former owner of our home appears to be coming to a close... or at least slowing down considerably!
  • i am thankful for the love and support of family and friends
  • i am thankful for the cool autumn weather
  • i am thankful for my nephews, in particular the safe arrival of the newest one a couple weeks ago
  • i am thankful that the toenails that turned purple and threatened to drop off after the Marine Corps Marathon are still hanging on
  • i am thankful for the neighbourhood cat who comes over to chat on my front steps every day
  • i am thankful for the orange bush blossoming in our meditation room
  • i am thankful for my relative good health
  • i am thankful for rediscovering old favourites... music, books & friends
  • i am thankful my sweetheart, who continues to challenge and support and love me
  • i am thankful for all this, and so much more...

eclectic soundtrack to my list of thanks:  Short Skirt/Long Jacket ~ Cake, Groove Is In The Heart ~ Deee-lite,  On My Way ~ Danny Michel, Island In The Sun ~ Weezer, I Don't Know ~ Ryan Bingham, Something Pretty ~ Patrick Park, Hold On Hold On ~ Neko Case, Don't Wait Too Long ~ Madeleine Peyroux, Ya Habibi ~ Alkisti Protopsalti, Waiting For The Miracle ~ Leonard Cohen, Me Gustas Tu ~ Manu Chao, New Shoes ~ Paolo Nutini, Craving (Bollywood Remix) ~ Tatu, Paper Planes ~ M.I.A., La Realite ~ Amadou et Mariam, 52 Pickup ~ Ballistic Mystic


  1. i love that your song list is scattered and eclectic - i see several ones that i like. i'm thankful for you and your ability to see the positive.

    congrats on the newest nephew too!

  2. thanks Char, i'm thankful for you too :)

  3. spoke too soon.... one of said toenails has now fallen off.
    but hidden underneath was the shiny new beginning of a fresh toenail already starting to grow.

  4. These are all wonderful things to be thankful for. I'm thankful you are my friend and that I didn't eat marshmallows on my sweet potatoes. (why I can't get over that I'll never know, it just seems so extra sweet)

  5. i find it excessive too, but... to each their own, right? you don't make me eat marshmallows on my sweet potatoes and i won't make you eat peanut butter on your bacon. sounds fair to me!

    i'm thankful for you too, miss pina...

  6. I cannot believe you have not posted my comments to Megan... kind of sad for someone who has been whistling down the road, looking for someone to "see that she sees"....

  7. @ Anon... i have been taking some time away from the computer, getting things in order in my off-line life. i don't come here every day, even when i'm blogging more frequently.