Tuesday, June 8, 2010

things that make me happy

right now, at this very moment, i'm feeling pretty happy.

  • the sun is shining, but it is still cool outside
  • the birds are singing on all sides of the house
  • the coffee turned out juuuust right this morning (you know how sometimes it's good and sometimes it's great? today it's divine)
  • after a nice long walk, the little red dog is curled up by the front door snoozing
  • i'm not too stiff and sore from Sunday's half marathon, but i'm booked in for a massage in an hour anyway
  • my sweetheart and i went out for dinner with some friends on Sunday, and then lounged over coffees in their back yard. they have a beautiful little pond full of simple plants and goldfish, and i'm feeling re-inspired about getting the work on my flower beds done.
  • i ordered some piano music online, and it has arrived.... and the piano tuner is coming later this week. so i am committed to getting back to playing.


  1. I'm having a "Chelsea Morning" myself: There was milk and toast and honey, and a bowl of oranges too; and the sun poured in like butterscotch and stuck to all my senses.

    I hope the rest of the day goes just as well for you.

  2. Joni, is that you?!!!

    i LOVE that song...