Monday, March 22, 2010

favourite signs of the weekend

Martin, rallying the TNT troops for the start of the National Marathon and National Half Marathon in Washington DC, March 20, 2010

Around Mile 6, climbing the seemingly never ending hill at Dupont....

"Extreme Chafing Ahead" & "Hurry Up, We Want To
Go Back To Bed"

Near Mile 7

"Pavement Fears You"

Approaching Mile 8

"Zombies Are Chasing You! RUN!!!"

On the hill approaching Mile 13 (downhill), and also Mile 14 (uphill) for the full marathoners...

"Embrace The Suck"

And the best of all....... FINISH!!!


  1. you're a better woman than i! LOL great job

  2. no i'm not... just a different woman!

    ps.. i got to take a break every time i stopped to take a picture of the signs :)

  3. I love the "Embrace the Suck" sign. Totally need one of those to put up on my front door. ;)

  4. it was my fave too... i think there should be "Embrace the Suck" signs everywhere, just as daily reminders.