Friday, March 27, 2009

get your FREE prizes here!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! (as my friend Char would say)

I won a "pay it forward" from my friend Foxxx a little while back and have been brainstorming my “pay it forward” giftie ideas. And training for a marathon. And entertaining houseguests. And spending time with my mother-in-law before she died. And supporting my husband and his family after she died... So forgive my tardy getting to it.

Here’s the deal on "pay it forward". My friend Foxxx won a prize from our friend Char, who won one from someone else... Now I too will conduct a draw for prizes. You comment here saying you’d like to be entered into the draw. One week from today, I take all names and draw at random. You win. Simple as that.

Here's the catch....if you win, you have to agree to “pay it forward” to three other people via your own blog. Prizes can be handmade items, gift certificates for stores or online sites, donations to charities, etc.

Now, as you may know, due to my relatively recent change of countries and subsequent wait on work authorization, followed by a collapsing US economy... I'm not currently employed. So, my prize options will be modest, but heartfelt.

Each winner may choose one of the following:

~ A lovely spring-weight royal blue scarf that I just finished knitting (photos supplied by request)

~ 4 hours of volunteer service at a national (US) charity of your choice (I’m in the DC area so I would need it to be one that is accessible here)

~ A handwritten card, note, postcard or letter each month for a year (which can be sent to you, or some lonely soul that you would like to cheer up... just supply me with addresses)

~ 4 hours of yard/garden work at your home, as long as you are also in the DC area or don’t mind if it takes a few months or years for me to make it to your home for a visit.

~ A home-made baked goods “care package” (disclaimer - I cannot guarantee the freshness of said baked goods if you live on the other side of the world from me... but they will be fresh when I post them)

To enter, leave me a comment on this blog. Given that I have a rather small readership on both of my blogs, I will be posting this on both and accepting entries from both. Entries will be accepted until midnight April 3, 2009. After that, a random drawing will be held of all entries. Best of luck.


  1. This is such a cool idea! (Oh, and I came here from the Buddha Mama's blog)

  2. I'd like to be entered! What a great idea. I might just do this whether I win or not. Go you :)

  3. welcome!! thanks for bringing your friends over, Mandy :-)

  4. I'm so moving my house closer to DC just to avoid yardwork... I think the cost and hassle will be worth it.

  5. @ Fandango... i totally agree!

    the other option, of course, is to fly me up to visit you and the Fandango Family Circus... and then hand me a rake or some pruners.

    note: i don't consider cleaning up Fandango dog-dirt to be real yard work. just so you know.

  6. I made the boy do that yesterday..**evil laughter** I threatened to put the dog out to pasture. **more evil laughter**

    I'm not even sure what that means, but it is ominous when followed by evil laughter.

  7. everything is ominous when followed by evil laughter...

  8. I really like the handwritten note or card sent once a month for a year for someone who really needs it. I wish I would do that for someone.

    I'm going to put some thought into it, open my eyes, pay more attention, and figure out who I know who needs this.

    This blog has been a moment of awareness for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it, Megan.

  9. it could be one person who needs 12 notes, or 12 people who need one note. or any combination in between... all you need is a little box of pretty note cards and a book of stamps.

    i'm glad it has resonated with you... goodness knows you've given me plenty to think about over the last couple of years.

  10. Truth be told, I should probably do it for each of my parents. When they're gone, I'll regret that I didn't.

    I could have Cracky draw a picture for them and send it too.

  11. I think this is really cool idea. You can add me in if you like, but I think I'll be brainstorming a way to do this myself regardless.

  12. @ Dominic.. consider yourself added

    @ Mandy... anything Cracky makes will be lighten the heart of the recipient. i got a letter from my 5 year old nephew in the mail today. it said "i love auntie megan and francisco. from ian"

    that's all... but written in his own handwriting, with a little stick man beside his name.

    you know that i'm going to have that in my prize possession box until i'm 80

  13. Thank you, so much myfriend, for everything you're doing. This is a wonderful blog.


  14. you are so the bomb diggity!! :)

  15. Hey!! Where did my comment go??

  16. :* @ Pina... your comment is on the other blog